Anna Gorovykh

Always loving animals, Ana knew one day she would pursue a career working with them.

Ana grew up in Rusia with cats. She Always had a passion for cats and knew she wanted a lifelong career working with them so she attended vocational school and become certified in animal care. 

Talis Fonseca

Born and raised in Brazil, Talis moved to Canada in 2012. Grooming has become my passion and a big part of who I am today. As a pet salon owner and groomer for the last 5 years, I’ve enjoyed grooming all types of breeds.

Talis has perfected the art of grooming by being a full time dog grooming attending various seminars, his travels have even taken him oversees to advanced grooming classes at the Starwood Grooming School in Thailand to keep up with the latest style techniques. 

In as little as 5 years, Talis has combined a true passion and the artistic ‘eye’ to drive him to be an exceptional and professional dog groomer. In addition, he has mastered the patience in handing very difficult and/or nervous dogs with a soothing energy to bring some sort of calmness to the grooming experience. When Talis isn’t working, he is a sports and nature enthusiast;

Saori Peacock

Saori has been interested in pets' healing effects on people's mental state since working in stressful environments as a financial analyst in Tokyo; London, England; and Sydney & Brisbane, Australia. Upon moving to Canada with her husband in 2008, she studied dog grooming, dog anatomy and dog breeds at Pampered Paws dog grooming school in Mississauga and completed her advanced dog grooming course.

Her highly skilled, detailed and gentle grooming helps dogs relax and, most of all, makes them cute and beautiful. She loves working with all kinds of dogs and dog lovers.