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Talis Fonseca

Born and raised in Brazil, Talis moved to Canada in 2012 and soon after established Booboo Pet Grooming Services in Mimico.

Talis speaks fluent Brazilian Portuguese. He is a passionate artist in the field of pet grooming ,and as proprietor of Booboo's and Chief Pet Groomer, Talis goes out of his way to always maintain a current knowledge of trends, products, techniques, and general pet care by attending various seminars which, sometimes take him overseas to attend advanced grooming seminars like the ones at the Starwood Grooming School in Thailand.

Saori Peacock

Saori's background as a financial analyst had her globe trotting from Tokyo Japan, to London England, even to Sydney & Brisbane Australia. On those more stressful days, she would spend some of her precious time thinking about the healing effects pets have on people's mental state, environments, joy and most importantly, their quality of life. These musings of hers ultimately nurtured her profound respect for our fur friends. 

A perfectionist at heart, Talis has combined his true passion for pet grooming with his artistic ‘eye’ driving him to be an exceptional and professional pet groomer. In addition, he has mastered the patience in handing very difficult and/or nervous dogs with a soothing energy bringing calmness to the grooming experience. When Talis isn’t working, he is a sports and nature enthusiast.

Saori retired from the financial world, moved to Canada with her husband in 2008, and enrolled with Pampered Paws in Mississauga, to begin her studies in the art of animal hairdressing, dog grooming, dog anatomy, and studies of dog breeds. Saori  received her well deserved, full certification upon completion of her courses and joined Booboo's as an occasional groomer, working mostly on the weekends.

Saori brings tender, calm patience to each of her precision grooming experiences. Her highly skilled, detailed grooms along with her gentle approach, help dogs relax and the end result is a calm and perfectly trimmed, cute little fur friend. Saori loves working with all dog breeds and is always happy to share her knowledge of pet care with her clients' humans whenever she's asked for advice or guidance.

Anna Gorovykh

Anna was born with a passion for all creatures and always knew that one day she would pursue a career working with animals.

Born and raised in the Ukraine, Ana is fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian, and one would believe that from her love of cats, she is also fluent in 'Meows'.  It is not only because of her certification in Animal Care, but also because of her natural born instincts, her curiosity regarding animal mannerisms, her compassion for all creatures, and her quick, firm and gentle handling of all animals big and small, that we here at Booboo's have deemed Ana to be our Cat Whisperer.

Mary Stellino

Mary has been bringing her beloved pets to Booboo's for grooming since she moved to Mimico in 2013. She became a Grandma for the first time in 2016 and by then, having worked in various administrative and health & wellness positions with the same employer for 30 years, Mary decided to take her retirement and begin to focus on honing her skills as a Grandma in Burlington. But she and her fur babies missed life in Mimico by the lake so she moved back ''home'' in 2018 and soon after joined Booboo Pet Grooming Services as our part time Receptionist.

As our Receptionist, Mary brings a plethora of skills, abilities and insights to our team and work environment, including her organizational and people skills, conversational Italian, French and Greek, her maternal instincts, a contagious laughter and most importantly her love and respect for all animals as well as her sense of pride for Mimico.

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(416) 255-7387