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Late/Cancellation Policy

Please help us avoid unnecessary wait times and additional charges to your final costs - plan to arrive on time. At Booboo’s, we understand that sometimes things happen causing us to run a little behind schedule…should you find yourself running a little late, please give us a call so we can adjust our groomers’ schedules accordingly.

Booboo’s pet grooming salon is small and cozy and on a busy day, it can become pretty crowded! Some of our fur clients suffer with separation anxiety that really kicks in once their groom is finished and they’re waiting to go home. Please be considerate to your pet and our business operations by picking up your pet in a timely manner after their groom.

Arriving more than 15 minutes late to a scheduled appointment? A surcharge of **$1 per late minute will be added to your costs.


A missed appointment or same day appointment cancelation is subject to a $40 cancelation fee.

Late pick up (beyond 1 hour and/or after business hours) is subject to a late fee (TBD).

** $1/minute late fee will be applied to a maximum of $20 at which time your appointment will be deemed cancelled

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