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Boo Boo Pet Grooming Service Rates
Basic Bath & Brush

Includes bath, blow (or fan) dry, brush/comb, ear cleaning, hygiene trim, paws & pad shaving and clean up around the eyes. Just enough to make a full groom last a little longer and help prevent matting until the next full groom.

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Full Groom

Includes bath, blow (or fan) dry, brush/comb, ear cleaning, hygiene trim, paws & pad shaving, a complete shave or scissor cut along with a sanitary trim and a spritz of cologne. 

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**Both Booboo’s Basic B&B and Full Groom prices are an approximate range and vary based on coat condition, canine temperament to groom and cut method (razor or scissors). One of Booboo’s qualified groomers will be able to give you a more accurate quote following consultation with you and your pet. 

Prices do not include HST

Spa & Specialty Service Add-ons
Fur Deep Conditioning   $10
Blueberry Conditioning Shampoo   $10
Anal Gland Expression   $10

Teeth Brushing   $5   Forgot to bring your pet's toothbrush? Buy one at Booboo's for $5

Hair Coloring   $35
De-matting (for severe matting)   $20 per 15 min
Dremel (smoothing of nails)   $5  

*Premium Shampoo (Price of Basic B&B or Full Groom) + $10

De-shedding Bath

Perfect for double coated breeds who shed excessively as the seasons change

Specialized Shampoo

Hypo-allergenic Bath
For allergy prone dogs with sensitive, dry,  itchy skin or hot spots



Tick & Flea Bath

Please note that even upon request, Booboo’s will not apply this bath if there is no evidence of  infestation


De-skunking Bath

For a more effective treatment, let Booboo’s know the area of the body your pet was sprayed on

Nagayu Spa Treatment

A deep cleaning & odour removing treatment to help alleviate the symptoms of skin problems while preserving  the natural moisture and PH levels in your dog's skin, resulting in a full, silky & healthy coat for your pet.

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Stand Alone / Walk-in Services

Although appointments are not necessary for any one or two of the following services, to avoid prolonged waiting times, we recommend you call ahead or plan your walk-in visit for quarter after, or quarter to, any hour of a regular business day.

Nail trim   $ 22
Nail dremel (smoothing nail ends)  $ 25
Ear cleaning   $20
Anal Gland Expression   $22

Teeth Brushing   $22   

- or buy any combination of 2 Stand Alone Services for $40

Face Trim   $35
Forgot your pet's toothbrush? No worries, pick a new one at Booboo's for only $5.
Prices do not include HST

Thinking of a 'spaw-gift' for your favourite fur friend?...

Booboo now has Gift Cards available in
denominations of

$25, $50 or $100s

Cat Spa Menu

Bath, Blow (or Air) Dry & Nail Trim  starting at $80**short coat / $90**long coat

The perfect maintenance option to keep your cat squeaky clean and smelling great.

Hair Everywhere? 

Try a De-shed Combo  starting at  $130**short coat / $140**long coat

Includes a warm bath, FURminator low-shed shampoo, scissoring at paws & pad shaving, sanitary trim, and up to 15 minutes of brushing with FURminator tool

Lots of Knots? Consider a Lion Cut  starting at $110**short coat / $120**long coat

Close shave leaving the ruff, legs and either a full or pompom tail. Service includes Dry Bath (warm wet towel wipe down) and nail trim.

Sanitary Trim  starting at $35

Hygiene trim of inside the back legs and under the tail to keep the important bits clean. Includes nail trim.



**Prices are based on breed, coat condition and feline temperament during groom


If you would like to book sooner than what is available online, we may be able to help. Please call us at 416-255-7387.
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