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Boo Boo Pet Grooming Service Rates
Basic Bath & Brush
Full Groom

Includes bath, blow (or fan) dry, brush/comb, ear cleaning, hygiene trim, paws & pad shaving and clean up around the eyes. Just enough to make a full groom last a little longer and help prevent matting until the next full groom.

Includes bath, blow (or fan) dry, brush/comb, ear cleaning, hygiene trim, paws & pad shaving, a complete shave or scissor cut along with a sanitary trim and a spritz of cologne. 


                             Short Coat               Long Coat


Small Breed         $ 50 - $ 60                $ 65 - $ 75

Medium Breed    $ 65 - $ 75                $ 80 - $ 90

Large Breed         $ 80 - $ 90                $ 95 - $110

Giant Breed         $100 +                      $120+


                           Short Coat               Long Coat

                               Includes                        Includes breed

                                      shave down                        specific cut

Small Breed         $  75 - $95                $ 85+

Medium Breed    $  80 - $105              $ 90+

Large Breed         $100 - $150              $110+

Giant Breed         $155+                       TBD

**Both Booboo’s Basic B&B and Full Groom prices are an approximate range and vary based on coat condition and canine temperament to groom. One of Booboo’s qualified groomers will be able to give you a more accurate quote following consultation with you and your pet. 

Prices do not include HST


 Spa & Specialty Service Add-ons

  Fur Deep Conditioning  $10

  Blueberry Conditioning Shampoo $10

  Anal Gland Expression  $5

  Teeth Brushing  $5

          ~Forget to bring your pet’s toothbrush? Buy one at Booboo’s $5

 Hair Coloring  $25

 De-matting (for severe matting)  $20 per 15 min

 Dremel (Smoothing of nails  $5)

 *Premium Shampoo (Price of Basic B&B or Full Groom) + $10
   De-shedding Bath

      ~Perfect for double coated breeds who shed excessively as the seasons change

   Specialized shampoo

     ~ Hypo-allergenic Bath; for allergy prone dogs with sensitive, dry,  itchy skin or hot spots

     ~ Tick & Flea Bath – Please note that even upon request, Booboo’s will not apply this bath if there is no evidence of                   infestation

     ~ De-skunking Bath; for a more effective treatment, let Booboo’s know the area of the body your pet was sprayed on

   Nagayu Spa Treatment
    ~A deep cleaning & odour removing treatment to help alleviate the symptoms of skin problems while preserving                       the natural moisture and PH levels in your dog's skin, resulting in a full, silky & healthy coat for your pet.



Stand Alone / Walk-in Services

Although appointments are not necessary for any one or two of the following services, to avoid prolonged waiting times, we recommend you call ahead and plan your walk-in visit for quarter after, or quarter to, any hour of a regular business day.


Nail trim  $17.70

Nail dremel (smoothing nail ends) $21.75

Ear cleaning  $17.70

Anal Gland Expression  $17.70

Teeth Brushing $17.70


     Buy any combination of 2 stand alone services for $30


Face Trim  $25

Forget your pet’s toothbrush?

No worries, pick a new one up at Booboo’s for just $5



Prices do not include HST​

Thinking of a 'spaw-gift' for your favourite fur friend?...
Booboo now has Gift Cards available in denominations of $25, $50 or $100

Cat Spa Menu

Bath, Blow (or Air) Dry & Nail Trim  starting at $70**short coat / $80**long coat

The perfect maintenance option to keep your cat squeaky clean and smelling great.

Hair Everywhere? 

Try a De-shed Combo  starting at  $100**short coat / $110**long coat

Includes a warm bath, FURminator low-shed shampoo, scissoring at paws & pad shaving, sanitary trim, and up to 15 minutes of brushing with FURminator tool

Lots of Knots? Consider a Lion Cut  starting at $100**short coat / $110**long coat

Close shave leaving the ruff, legs and either a full or pompom tail. Service includes Dry Bath (warm wet towel wipe down) and nail trim.

Sanitary Trim  starting at $30

Hygiene trim of inside the back legs and under the tail to keep the important bits clean. Includes nail trim.


*Soft Paw Nail Caps  $30

An excellent option for indoor cats who enjoy playing at the edge of your furniture or a bit of rough play with their humans.

*Client to provide Soft Paw nail cap



**Prices are based on breed, coat condition and feline temperament during groom



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